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Webmasters note:
This page is under construction. If you don't like to look at crap it is time to exit.
If you don't mind then you can help with suggestions on the presentation here. I hope to list the Brothers and Lay teachers in alpabetical order, include short info on this page and a link if we have more to a separate page. Here goes. Maybe we need separate pages for Brother, Lay teachers Military etc?

Brother Alfred
Brother Alfred was advisor to Room 113 (Students names A through D) from 1953 through 1956?) He left for some unknowen reason before our senior year. He also taught Latin. I (taa) heard from one of the older brother at one of the reunion masses that he was still in Chicago. Any one have more info?


Brother Alfred also taught some of us sophmore geometry. I remember he assigned an enormous number of "constructions" for homework over Christmas holidays. Being a perfectionist, I did them all, wasting much of that vacation. I never completely forgave him for that. - Joseph P Schwebel
John Werner sent in some images. Here is one of Brother Alfred.

Here is a short pdf that Michael Murphy wrote on teachers including Brother Alfred. Brother Alfred

Brother Benedict

This is the same as above and it has Brother Benedict in it also.

Brother Eustis

Brother Fabian

Brother Felix

Brother Gabriel

Brother Herman Joseph

Brother Hugh Mark

Brother I Anthony

Brother I Austin

Brother L Josephus
Dont have much yet however John Werner sent in this picture of Brother with Jim Mergens and Terry Russel

Brother Jerome Emilian

Brother Jerome Walter

Brother Josephus

Brother Kevin
Mackey, Brother Kevin, FSC Brother Kevin Stanislaus Mackey, 93, died at Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago on Friday, August 22, 2008. A De La Salle Christian Brother for 75 years, he was baptized Bartley Vincent Mackey in Chicago, the son of the late Thomas and Eleanor (O'Connor) Mackey. He attended St. George H.S. in Evanston and later graduated from La Salle Institute in Glencoe, MO. He entered the novitiate of the Brothers in 1933, professed his first vows in 1934 and his perpetual vows in 1940. Brother Kevin earned his B.A. degree in 1937 from Saint Mary's College (now University) in Winona, MN, and his M.A. from St. Louis University in 1946. During his years as an educator he taught in MO, MI, NE and St. Paul, MN, where he served as assistant principal and principal from 1952 to 1962. Then he moved on to teach in Chicago, Romeoville, and in New Lenox, IL. For the last few months he was a resident at Resurrection Life Center in Chicago.

Here are links to flyer on Brother Kevin. First part and the Second part
Here is a pdf that contains more information sent in by John Werner. Thanks John BrKevin.pdf
Use your browsers back button to get back here. You can use Ctrl + for a magnifier to make these bigger for your old eyes.

 I remember a football game where I was "hurt" and lying on the field and Bro. Kevin ran out. He asked me where I got hit and I said, "In the, in the, in the", and he said: "in the family Jewels", and I said, "Yes, right in the balls". - Bill Williams
The class of '57' and their hockey team will be honored with induction into the Cretin team Hall of Fame at this years banquet. Congrats to all. Many will remember that Bro. Kevin was the driver of our bus and a great supporter of all our activities. - Jim Murphy
Brother Kevin was the last of many to punch me in the face. He is fondly remembered. - Steve Busch
He was a heckuva guy. - Jack Vogelgesang

Brother Lawrence Walter

Brother Liguori

Brother Lucian
Brother Justin Lucian died Saturday, April 7, 2007 following his struggle with lung cancer. He was born January 20, 1925 in Minneapolis, MN and took his first vows in August of 1943. He was assigned to a number of schools and locations in the United States and around the world. He was at Cretin HS for the four years we were there. He was the moderator for the class of ’57.
Editors Note: We believe that Brother Lucian was the second to last survivor of both the brothers and lay teachers that taught at Cretin High School in 1957.

Here are links to flyer on Brother Lucian. BrLucian.pdf (large 6 pages)
You can download an Adobe PDF reader here. PDF reader

Jim Toner and I have a lot of admiration for Brother Lucian. I think he gave us a great moral start to our adult lives. I can still remember him telling us:
1) about mental reservation and how it differs from lying;
2) it's okay to believe in evolution, as long as you believe that at some point man was given an immortal soul;
3) about the immorality in movies like Blackboard Jungle; and
4) about the immorality related to the lyrics in songs like Standing On The Corner Watching All The Girls Go By.
After he died last year, I contacted the Brothers to see if I could get a copy of a book that he wrote back in the fifties. They sent it to me. Then I asked them if they have some kind of a biography of him. They said they were working on it and would send two copies to me when it is finished. After many months I received his biography. - John Werner
How many times did we hear "A Cretin Man......................". I don't think there was anyone who had a greater effect on me than Brother Lucian. - Bill Williams
I would like to see the bio on Brother Lucian, too. In my experience he was the most intelligent, understanding and dedicated teacher of all. He had that rare combination of common sense and intellect. He commanded respect without ever bullying or threatening – he had a quiet authority that never lapsed. - Jim Delmont
Jim Toner reminded me of two things about Brother Lucian that I had forgotten:
    1. He bestowed annual "Oscar Awards" to us at the end of the school year. Jim sent the enclosed copies of two years of these awards plus Brother Lucian's "Things I'll Miss in 214" that he gave to us just before graduation.
    2. The first thing in the morning he sometimes would have us tear off a quarter sheet of paper to write the answers to a pop quiz.
John Werner (I will put these on later - taa)
HI Noble Gentlemen,
What I remember most of Brother Lucian is that we all looked forward to going to his class and suspect that we liked his wisdom and sense of humor. At one of his classes Brother Lucian reviewed the home work which was write an essay of anything and then read us a quote from one of the corrected essays which said:"she had soft shoulders,"and then Brother asked "how would this student know that she has soft shoulders, "which brought forth uproarious laughter and even Brother Lucian smiled. - John Feeney

Brother Patrick

Brother Peter

Brother Pius

Brother Thomas

Brother Victor

Brother Wilfrid

Brother William

Here is a picture of Brother William that John Werner scaned in. And another from John also

Professor Bauer

Professor Bauer

Professor Conway

Professor Ireland

Professor Patton

Professor McKeown

Professor Tierney
Here is a link to a picture of a Prof Tierney article in the Comment from October 22, 1954

Professor Joyce

Professor Veith

A picture of Prof. Veith scanned in by John Werner.

Have I missed anyone? Should we put up the name of the staff and military?